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We’ve posted some funny limericks before. They were not ideal for kids, but at the same time they were not overly strong. So here we are back for more and even more brutal. Now here are 4 dirty limericks! They are all taken from the beginning of a new book titled ‘Dirty Limericks’ by Anonymous, which is available to buy now, I’m sure you can work out what the book contains.

These are adult themed so if you are easily offended, you better leave now!

There was a young man from Kildare,
Who was having his girl on the stair,
On the forty-fourth stroke,
The banister broke,
And he finished her off in mid-air!

There was a young girl of Cape Cod,
Who thought babies were fashioned by God,
But it was not the Almighty,
Who lifted her nightie,
It was Roger the lodger, that sod!

There was a young man of Cape Horn,
Who wished he had never been born,
And he wouldn’t have been,
If his father had seen,
That the end of the rubber was torn.

There was a young chap from out yonder,
Who buggered a big anaconda,
He regretted this crime,
For the rest of his time,
While the reptile grew fonder and fonder.

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Dirty Limericks – Adult Themed Limericks
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