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Derek Quotes – Lines From Channel 4 Comedy Drama Episodes

Created and starring Ricky Gervais Derek has proved a big success. It is a series which has no set genre. As Ricky has said himself before, if it makes you laugh it’s comedy, makes you cry it’s drama. And if Read More →

QI Episode Quotes and Statistics – by Stephen Fry and Guests

QI is the popular BBC comedy which has been running for many years now. Here are some funny lines from the show as well as statistics in book. Some of the series have been released on DVD, and you can Read More →

Blackadder Goes Forth Quotes and Classic Clips!

Probably the best of all the series of Blackadder written by Richard Curtis & Ben Elton. Blackadder Goes Forth was a brilliant mix of clever lines, cheesy jokes and a bit of silliness (remember the court case for the lovely, Read More →

Keith Lemon Quotes from Celebrity Juice

Shown on ITV2, ‘Celebrity Juice’ has been on our screens since 2008. It is known for it’s constant crude sexual jokes, hot guests and Keith Lemon’s catchphrases and general randomness that comes out of his filthy ginger mouth! Read More →

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